Easy to Install

In, out, on with your life. No endless construction noise, no digging up your grounds, no distracting your employees, students, customers or members. Installing an Alpha sign on your premises is so quick and painless, you won’t believe it. Watch and see for yourself.

10 Steps and That's it...

After our initial survey, we’ll get to work helping you design, manufacture and test your sign. From there, installation is as simple as setting up an electrical connection, laying groundwork, installing your pedestal and cabinet, and completing a final inspection. Before you know it, your new Alpha sign will be up and running—and ready to start spreading your message far and wide.

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Alpha is all about CHOICES

Alpha might be affordable, but it’s sure not light on features. Here’s why Alpha is the perfect sign for YOUR business.

Choose Your Powder Coat Color
Alpha’s powder colored exterior is eye-catching, built to withstand the elements, and—best of all—YOU get to pick its color. From reds to blues, pastels to neutrals, and everything in between, Alpha gives you the power to choose the perfect color for your business or organization.
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Choose Your Pedestal Size
Every organization and every location is totally different, and choosing the right LED sign means finding the right size and height to reach the most people possible and deliver your message efficiently and quickly. Alpha lets you choose between 5 different pedestal heights or a lower, wider monument-style base to fit any location.
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Choose Your LED Sign
Depending on your needs, you’ll be able to choose between tri-color and full-color displays, various pixel pitches to target your audience with perfect clarity, and input via remote or PC access to upload and change messaging just about anywhere. Alpha is the outdoor LED sign designed by you and built for you.
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Alpha is Built to Last

Built to withstand the elements, your Alpha sign is manufactured from premium parts for a premium experience.

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LED Backlighting

With a grid of energy-saving LED strips, Alpha is designed to receive an even amount of backlighting across the entire display.
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Lexan Vandal Cover

The face of your Alpha sign is protected by a sheet of durable Lexan, virtually unbreakable and perfect for keeping your sign safe.
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Large Ventilation System

A large ventilation removes hot air from the sign’s interior, keeping components at a safe temperature and increasing the life of your sign.

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Light Sensor & Toggle

Allows LED backlighting to automatically switch on as ambient light fades, and lets you manually shut off your display whenever you need to.

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Wireless Communication

Control your sign remotely via an outdoor-grade wireless antenna for adjustments and tweaks on the fly, from anywhere.

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RAL Powder Coating

Superior coating with extraordinary color, RAL powder coating both protects your sign and looks great, too.

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